Service Maintenance

HVAC Services – Scheduled and Emergency

BUIST has been providing HVAC services to its commercial, industrial and institutional clients for over 25 years. Our focus is on working closely with our clients to develop the most efficient and cost-effective maintenance programs based on equipment and systems evaluations. Services are provided on both a scheduled and emergency bases.

BUIST takes great pride in the reputation it has earned for the delivery of emergency services. Our goal is to provide a service technician on site within 2 hours of a call being received, to clients within a 25-mile radius of our Somerset location and we achieve that goal most of the time. Similar goals are provided for greater distances. BUIST emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

BUIST as a company, as well as its service technicians, is committed to quality. We take great pride in the knowledge and experience of our service personnel. The average tenure of BUIST’s mechanics exceeds 10 years! The continual training and certification of BUIST’s service personnel assure that the services they provide are of the highest current industrial practice and in the best interest of our client. Our maintenance programs pay for themselves in terms of promoting equipment longevity.

Finally, BUIST provides each of its clients an annual report for each piece of equipment for which scheduled maintenance has been provided. Historical data provide a basis for decision making. This reporting function is not common to the industry; it represents a value-added service of BUIST.