Engineering & Design Build Services

Michael P. Freund & Associates, P.C. (MPFA) is the design partner of BUIST, Inc. As an affiliated company it functions both in an independent capacity, and in support of BUIST’s design requirements. On a stand-alone basis, the company provides designs of systems and facilities for clients that may wish to bid a project on a pre-engineered basis. In a support role, MPFA is the lead designer when BUIST provides Design/Build services. This capability and flexibility enables BUIST to work in concert with its clients, integrating phases of a project in a timely and cost-effective manner. In a Design/Build capacity BUIST assumes responsibility as the single point of contact. This works very well in “fast track” projects.

For design projects of a unique nature, MPFA utilizes an association of professionals who are able to apply special skills to mechanical design problems. The company brings them together to meet the special needs of specific clients. This assures our clients that they are never locked into a portfolio of skill sets currently on the payroll, as is typical of many design firms, and increases the overall design perspective. MPFA also recognizes the value that a client’s employees can bring to an assignment, and stands ready to welcome them as members of the project team.

The company’s design efforts begin with a thorough understanding of the client’s project requirements and objectives. These attributes are then translated into a conceptual design for the clients review. Following this review, the design moves through progressive stages enabling development of life-cycle costs and quality control. This process enables MPFA to design facilities and systems that quickly become productive. The company’s registered professionals use computer-aided design, validated computer models and new technology to foster added value on behalf of their clients. This process has been ongoing for over 30 years.