Data Center

Project: Data Center Upgrade
Project Value: $960,000

Project Scope: Design and implement mechanical, electrical and architectural alterations to the data center at this 225 bed Hospital. The concentration of computer equipment in the small space available required widening the room slightly to meet ADA requirements, raising the floor to provide high air conditioning air changes without causing uncomfortably cold drafts in the space, providing a higher ADA ramp to the increased elevated floor, providing air condition 66% backup capacity in case of failure of one unit, providing upgraded UPS system, new fire suppression system and new emergency power wiring.

The project included the following:

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression and architectural drawing for permits Project management including coordinating the Carpentry, HVAC, fire suppression, electrical power, control wiring, raised floor and cabling trades, scheduling, and cost control.

  • Carpentry alterations including:
    • Replacing and adding doors, moving a corridor wall, removing partitions and reducing the thickness of one wall removing a door, replacing doors, adding office enclosure, replacing ceilings, painting and flooring work.
  • Mechanical alterations including the following:
    • Removing existing ceiling mounted HVAC units, installing new floor mounted computer room units, setting condensers on the roof using crane service, refrigerant piping, city water piping for humidifiers, condensate piping from air conditioning drain pans, testing and balancing, and automatic temperature controls.
  • Electrical power wiring including
    • Provide new power feed from incoming emergency power transfer switchgear, power wiring through a new UPS for data center CPU racks, air conditioning equipment and office terminal units.
  • Fire suppression system including
    • Sprinkler piping in office area and FM 200 system for the data center

One of the most critical details of the project was the raising of a computer rack of network equipment to the height of the increased elevated floor without disturbing the cabling connections. Other critical items were the smoke test of the data center, the UPS test and the generator test.

Results: This project was completed on tine and under budget.