Air Handler – Site Erected

Project: Laboratory Air Flow Controls
Project Value: $200,000

Background: This Laboratory building had the potential to ex-filtrate air from laboratories containing hazardous materials. The HVAC system was not capable of controlling the possible introduction of hazardous materials, thus potentially affecting personnel safety in both areas.

Intent: The client wanted to be sure that fumes from chemicals in hoods in the laboratories would not ex-filtrate into the laboratories and office areas if the hood fans failed to protect personnel from potential exposures.

Project Scope:

  • To install new laboratory HVAC air handlers and constant volume air boxes and controls in the existing laboratories with a minimum interruption of ongoing activities.
  • To acquire equipment, fabricate ductwork and complete installation within a compressed timeframe.

The project included the following:

  • An existing air handler was removed by creating a wall opening between a mechanical equipment room and a corridor and a new air handler was installed in its place.
  • Existing variable air volume boxes were replaced with constant air volume boxes.
  • Hot water reheat piping was installed to the new constant air volume boxes.
  • Modifications to the automatic temperature control system were made to integrate the new air handler and constant air volume boxes into the building automation system.


  • The project was completed on time and within the allocated $200,000 budget.
  • Design and construction were completed within fifteen weeks.
  • The system was calibrated and accepted within another three week period
  • A complimentary letter of reference was provided to BUIST. Permission to speak with the client may be arranged upon request