Mission and Values

Mission Statement

  • To be an outstanding mechanical contracting firm for our customers and our employees and to provide a return on investment that insures we can fully support this mission.

Values and Beliefs:

  • Integrity – We cherish our reputation as ethical and fair people who keep our word.
  • Employee Relations—We value and respect our employees as our most important asset. We strive to give them as much responsibility and freedom as they are comfortable with and to give them technical and managerial support and above all to listen to them. We have had consultants review our business from time to time and they interview our employees to learn what the issues are. So we listen to them as much and as often as we can. The result is that turnover is low, employees are excited and motivated, and our clients see the enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Creativity- We encourage our people to think creatively and brainstorm with each other and our clients to solve challenging problems and when they make a unique contribution we acknowledge them.
  • Customer Relations—We regard our clients as treasures without whom we would not exist as a company
  • Safety—We are very concerned with protecting the health and welfare of our employees and have invested a great deal of time and effort in increasing their awareness and assuring their safety.