Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Replacement
Project Value: $659,547

Background: This is a 600 Bed hospital that required replacement of a 3 cell 2800 ton cooling tower system for the main chilled water cooling system for the hospital on the power plant second floor and roof.

Intent: To install a larger capacity tower within two-month duration.

Project Scope: Provide design and installation including coordination of an electrical contractor, rigging contractor, automatic temperature control contractor and steel fabrication contractor.

The project included the following:

A. Providing architectural, structural and MEP engineering services to meet local building codes and DOH guidelines as follows:

  • Mechanical engineering for equipment sections for cooling towers and pumps, piping changes, and equipment locations.
  • Structural analysis for increased weight of equipment
  • Electrical engineering for equipment power demand changes, for alternates for the upsized and pumps and for the VFD’s for the cooling towers and pumps if those alternates are chosen including switch gear and VFD selection, conduit and feeder sizing as well as panel alterations.
  • Sealed Drawings for permits.
  • NJ Clean Energy applications for rebates

B. Providing complete project management including managing the following:

  • Field coordination
  • Construction meetings
  • Subcontractors
  • Purchasing
  • Budget
  • Design change
  • Safety
  • Close out including O&M documentation, commissioning, training and final invoicing and budget review.

C. Providing one new 3 cell Cooling Tower with stainless steel hot deck and cold deck, premium efficiency motors and VFD’s to replace the existing 3 cell cooling tower including equipment platforms and access ladders rated at 2800 tons and 7200 GMP.

D. Providing new structural beams to support the cooling towers.

E. Provide electrical labor to disconnect existing power wiring to the cooling towers, 3 basin heater circuits, pipe heat tracing and two condenser water pumps.

F. Providing BAS control labor to disconnect existing control wiring and devices at the cooling tower and condenser water pumps.

G. Providing crane and rigging service to remove cooling towers, cooling tower structural steel supports, abandoned piping and tower condenser water pumps and haul them away and to receive and install water above the roof piping, and structural steel for cooling towers.

H. Providing labor and materials to assemble all cooling tower accessories.

I. Providing piping labor and materials to connect the prefabricated condenser water piping and new city water make up piping, overflow and drain piping to the cooling towers.

J. Providing electrical power wiring as follows:

  • Feeders to cooling towers, pipe heat tracing and cooling tower basin heaters.
  • Restoration of conduits and electrical devices removed for equipment removal and replacement.

K. Providing new Siemens Apogee© control panel and connect new basin temperature sensors and VFD control devices to the new Apogee controller. Provide programming changes and graphics.

L. Providing subcontractor work necessary for the installation of the above including demolition and removal of trash generated by this project.


  • The project was completed on time and within budget
  • The customer was satisfied with the complete project.