Chilled Water System

Project: Coordinated Design/Build Chilled Water Distribution System Alterations
Project Value: $2,200,000

Background: The site is a campus style setting with many buildings including vivariums and laboratories as well as offices. There is a new central utility complex but not all buildings are connected to the central plant and some with individual chillers lack the capacity to cool the respective buildings.

Intent: The client wanted to add steam and chilled water branches from the existing underground distribution system to several additional buildings and to add secondary chilled water pumping systems within each building to save pump energy and improve cooling and heating capacity.

Project Scope: To perform major underground piping installation in high pedestrian traffic area with little disruption as possible.

The project included the following:

  • A consulting engineering company had completed the design but field conditions required a different tie in and pipe routing design. MPFA modified the drawings and permits were obtained.
  • A new system of pre-insulated underground pipe branches was installed including extensive excavation, manholes and pipe welding.
  • A chiller was replaced with two 125 HP chilled water pumps with variable frequency drives and controls to increase distribution pressure.
  • Extensive electrical power distribution was provided to power the pumps


  • The project was completed on time and within budget
  • The disruption impact to client personnel was minimized
  • The system will saved energy and improved cooling capacity.
  • A complimentary letter of reference was provided to BUIST. Permission to speak directly with the client may be arranged upon request.