Problem Solved!

Some of our clients are faced with many challenges when designing/maintaining or installing a new system for their building. Below are some examples of these challenges and how we helped our clients overcome them.

You Can’t Shut Down our Operating Room -

Problem: To increase air flow for an Operating Room to meet AIA Hospital Guidelines we needed to install a new fan section in the Air Handling Unit. In order to do so we needed to shut down the Operating Rooms for 48 hours. This hospital had no out-patient surgery center so if an emergency surgery was required they had no place to perform the operation. The hospital could not take this chance.

Solution: In order to solve this problem we designed a small temporary Air Handling Unit that would function in one operating room to provide air conditioning and positive air pressure. This enabled us to shut down the OR for the time period needed and provide one operating room suite to use for emergencies.

Conversion of Space -

Problem: This community college was converting “office space” into a classroom. The air-conditioning was recently replaced but it did not have enough ventilation capacity in the unit to satisfy the ventilation code requirements for classrooms.

Solution: We suggested a 100% outside air unit with heat recovery to provide the ventilation air to the classrooms to include duct work to the VAV boxes and return ducts to recover the energy. This way they could salvage the recently installed rooftop unit and meet the code requirements for ventilation.

Quick Fix -

Problem: A local hospital required humidity control for the operating room suites in order to satisfy joint commission requirements for an inspection within two weeks.

Solution: In order to solve this problem we found the humidifiers in stock and worked around the clock to complete the installation and meet the joint commission requirements within two weeks. Due to our efforts the hospital operating room met the humidity requirements of Joint Commission.